This website shows a selection of my works between 2013-2019. Feel free to contact me for more information

I am a process-oriented figurative painter who works with a range of materials and applications to create charged paintings and sculptural mass.


 My primary focus is the engagement with the pure pigment and its agent, whether it be oil, wax, water, plaster or foreign additives and finding what form this material fusion needs to take based on the social and energetic currents around me. 


Despite this constant renewal of painterly structure my sensibility has remained constant: a deep fascination with what it means to be human, and how this constructed humanness exists in relation with our ever-changing natural environment and to each other. My work is a material interrogation into philosophical and psychological mores regardinggroup consciousness, transformation and accountability. 


Presently, I am investigating man’s interaction with waste-matter and the accountability to our natural environment. I work with the physical elements of temperature, separation, compression, weight and gravity as formal elements in my art making process, setting up relationships between the polarities of natural matter and artificial stimuli.